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Anderson Cooper splits with longtime boyfriend after

Date: 2018-05-07 03:55

RICK my gf and I broke up dec 9th. I waited several days. Then contacted her trying to fix it but no dice did same thing for a month about every *censored* days then about 7 weeks ago I did a drive by at 9 am.. guys truck in her driveway waited about 9 days drove by her work she came out to talk. I didnt directly ask about the guy she said he has been buy once then she said twice she was very adiment they were not having sex and that he was just a friend. (as if I believe that).but he is actually an ex from way back.. her and I have been together for about 7 yrs had a breakup almost 7 yrs ago in which we stayed apart about 7 months the last 6 or 7 she was seeing this same guy really difficult to deal with period either way but is it more fearful or better it is him for the rebound? pics him cause he is convenient and knows it wont work and the rebound she self destruct or they real decided to make a go of it?? As you were telling another poster it is hard to believe we could be together that long and she move on so fast .she is very very strong willed stuborn and prideful... even if she did want me back dont think she would make a move I am pretty sure she knows I love her to death and could pick up phone and want to talk and I would.. it will be very hard to know when and if it does fall apart to make contact with her because I have no inside Now I am approaching 69 days no contact. I am very hurt by her choice , severely...but I have not reacted to him or lost my cool in any way. we were fighting a good bit when she left.. but it was over the same stuff mostly schedule conflict.. acting like 6 family but 7 houses.. anyhow she brought up alot of negitives about me that were part true and some she said she was worried about. But didnt sit down at table to say we need this fixed or else. She just baled she has a habit of that when it gets time to make a real move I am very very crushed and desperate at times I am sure but im working on it I have not let her see it we have gone through tuff spots before but she has never involved anyone that quick and just quit on is in no way the provider I have been but he may be willing to just let her run the show and hang in there for the benefits for quite some time thats is what I am scared of if he just always goes With the flow the rebound could last a while deep down I really know we loved one another and have had a wonderful life. But her commitment issues have always hurt us.. I stepped out on her about 8 yrs ago when she pulled one of her leaving situations but she wanted to call it cheating even the counselor we went to told her it wasnt smart of me but wasnt cheating anyhow she has been all bugged out that I would do it again.. and our *censored*s her and mine had a few issues but nothing normal families dont have anyhow after all this do you have any advice as to rebound guy and omfgosh should I just try and wait him out..and by waiting I mean date do whatever I feel like but still be ready for them to bust up or after 85 days try some texts that are playful. Non preasure. Maybe even reminders of some good times any help will be appreciated especially with the rebound guy thanks

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